MEGASTAR has a five-year base period and five one-year options with a total ceiling value of more than $991 million over the ten-year contract period. MEGASTAR directly supports National Air and Space Intelligence Center’s mission to discover and characterize air, space, missile, and cyber threats to enable full-spectrum multi-domain operations, drive weapons system acquisitions, and inform national defense policy.


Space / Counterspace

Analysis of technical characteristics, performance, signatures, capabilities, limitations, effectiveness, vulnerabilities, and employment of all systems, sensors, facilities, and hardware that are normally considered part of current and projected SCS platforms, programs, networks, support systems, and C4I systems.



Scientific and technical analysis in foreign cyberspace threats to the United States and allied air and space operations, including foreign cyberspace research and development, capabilities, actors, doctrine, tactics, techniques, procedures, strategy, employment, and dependencies.



Intelligence analysis and forecasts on future foreign SCS services capabilities with emphasis on strategy, doctrine, and intent by analyzing leadership, readiness, and training.


Open Source and Human Intelligence

Open source and human intelligence collection and analysis focused on SCS to support the National Air and Space Intelligence Center’s scientific and technical intelligence mission and the broader intelligence community.



Scientific and technical analysis in integrated air defense systems, air ordinance and cruise missiles, and air and missile defense surveillance systems.


Ballistic Missiles

Scientific and technical analysis of foreign ballistic missile systems, including external configuration, location and performance, construction techniques and materials, guidance and control systems, countermeasures, and ground support equipment.


Technologies and Infrastructure

Scientific and technical analysis, forecasts on current and future air, ballistic missile, and SCS systems capabilities, and analysis of associated service infrastructure enabling SCS functions and forces.